Review Policy

Thank you so much for considering No Limitz 4 Books for a review of your book and for checking this Policy.

At this time, I am accepting books for review

Books that I am accepting 
  • YA books
  •  Erotica 
  • Mysteries 
  •  Fiction 
  • Fantasies 
  •  Chick-lite 
  •  Horror 

 In reviews, I have a Few people that might review your book according to your type of book and time frame. All books that are accept will be given great respect.

 Plz. Make sure your book/e-book is been edit before seen us a copy. It is hard to read and enjoy many books when you have many misspelled words.

 *If the above policy changes, I will update this page accordingly.

 THE TIMING OF MY REVIEWS: I cannot guarantee a review of every book I accept/consider, though I strive to review as many as possible. Once I have accepted your book for review, unless there is specific date of participation in a Blog Tour, I will generally review your book within 1 to 2 months upon receipt. However, if the review title is an ARC, I will try my best to post my review right around the release date.

GIVEAWAYS, BLOG TOURS, INTERVIEWS/GUEST POSTS: I love to participate in giveaways, blog tours, and host author interviews and guest posts at No Limitz 4 Books!

 DISCLOSURE: Review copies are provided in exchange for an honest review.

 If you are interested in advertising on my blog via sponsored post and/or sidebar ad, please contact me for further details and discussion.

 THANK YOU! I sincerely appreciate every author and publicist who has sent me review books and included me in blog tours since I began my blog. I have had the opportunity to expand my reading horizons and have discovered many wonderful new authors while doing so.

 CONTACT INFORMATION: If you would like to contact me, please send an email to